Qafa e Qesarit
Bay of Grama
The Ancient Tragjas
Church of Marmiroi
The Ancient Dukat
Saint Vasil- Cape of Gjuheza
Bay of Bristani- Cave of Duke Gjoni
Maja e Qores
Maja e Thanasit

The UNDP MArine Protected Areas project is carrying on to promote a more integrated and sustainable use of marine and coastal resources, focused on intensification of management activities for Karaburuni-Sazani Marine Protected Areas, maintaining & restoring ecosystem health, providing a sustainable source of economic growth, replication of this approach across Albania's coastal and marine areas through a network of MCPAs, strengthening the institutional support to the MCPAs network, the inter-sectoral coordination & collaboration, their capacities and tools to sustain the management and monitoring of the MaPCAs network; 

All these efforts, are a continued contribution to the follow up of the UNDP/GEF MCPA Project 2011-2016, by building on its successes, as well as of other past efforts, and by ensuring full coordination with other projects concerning the Albanian coastal and marine environment.